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Improbable Cog and Open Source

I'm a lucky guy. I know some of the smartest, most dedicated, creative people around. One of those people is Noah Beasely, the sole brain behind Improbable Cog. He designs jewelery, releases the designs as open source, and in one of those "yes, you're living in the future" moments, sends them to a 3d printer. As you can see, we're collaborating to bring you jewelery inspired by the world of Virtuoso. For now, the only way you can get this stainless steel Raptor pendant is by donating at the Virtuoso Kickstarter.

Which brings me to point two. You might have noticed the little Creative Commons tag on the banner. After much debate with Thom Becker of Lastwear Clothes, I've decided to release the comic under a Attribution, Share-Alike license. That means you can take it, print it, mash it up, make derivative works, sell it, what have you, so long as you give credit where its due (that is to me and Krista) and preserve the license. And to help you out with that, I've set up a torrent file for the book. I'll link it in the sidebar as soon as the trackers are updated.

posted by jon_wake @ September 7th, 2010, 4:13 am  -  0 Comments

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